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    Job Description
    Gracefully Yours Dance Academy in Collinsville, IL is seeking a MOTIVATED, UPBEAT, HARDWORKING, CLEAR SPEAKING, AWESOME individual to work our office. This person needs to strive for excellence and be their best and top notch at all times because you will be the greeter, informant, helping hand, and more to our sweet dance families.
    BEFORE READING FURTHER-- If you think you are a good fit so far, dial this number in your phone but don't call it just yet--1-401-526-GYDA (4932). Did you do it? No? Do it now then! :) Not a good fit so far? Thanks for your honesty and best wishes to you on your job hunt!
    Assuming you've entered the number in, let's see if you meet more qualifications:
    -Availability Monday-Thursday (this is a must, all 4 days) from 2-close (between 7-9:30pm depending on the day of the week) (sometimes earlier, sometimes later) beginning in March to train, adding on more hours in April, more in May, and following our summer schedule through July. We go back “full time” in August (2-close Mon-Thursday) through recital in early June 2019 where you will work in the afternoon until close. Please note that summertime hours will lower drastically. The occasional weekend event (with ample notice) is required as well, typically the first two Saturdays in December, second Saturday in June, and occasional events throughout the year.
    -Experience with Microsoft Word, Google Drive/Docs/Forms/etc, Microsoft Excel, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat (and willing to learn whatever new social media trend that will most certainly pop up in the future)
    -Enjoy kids of ALL ages
    -Have great attention to detail -Excellent spelling and grammar skills (if you send me your resume/cover letter with no capitalization, poor punctuation, spelling errors, and typos can I really hire you to be the person who types my newsletters and returns my emails?! NO!)
    -Ability to learn to use ad-creating websites, design and launch Facebook ads, use our online studio system for payments/attendance/etc, and MORE.
    -We are seeking someone to fill a LONG TERM position--we want you in our family and to have you grow with us!
    If you think you are a great fit, call that number you entered! (1-401-526-GYDA (4932)) Follow the prompting on the message and leave a voicemail with the correct information. AFTER you have called and left a voicemail, please send us your cover letter and resume. Please know that if you fail to call the hiring line, leave a voicemail, AND turn in your resume you will not be considered for this position.
    Please note--while we have a wonderful dance family we are currently looking for an OUTSIDE person who is not currently affiliated with our studio (nor has been in the past) to work in our office. We wish everyone the BEST on their job hunt!
    Thank you!
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