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  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

    Knollwood Retirement Community
    Job Description
    Full time & Part Time
    • Good verbal and written communication skills
    • Some computer knowledge and proficient in spoken and written English language
    • Creative
    • Evidence of effective problem resolution skills
    • Ability to maintain composure in stressful situations
    • Resourcefulness
    • Willingness to consider the advice and opinions of others
    • Ability to make decisions and accept responsibility for the consequences
    • Ability to coordinate and conduct meetings
    • Ability to set and achieve goals
    • Ability to be organized and efficient
    • Ability to meet deadlines
    • Ability to train and motivate others
    • Ability and willingness to act as a role model in conduct and appearance
    • Basic computer skills
    • Review assignment sheets for each shift
    • Responsible for medication reminders
    • Responsible for conducting reassurance checks
    • Responsible for providing personal care for residents
    • Record vital signs
    • Observe the residents functioning, maintain written records of the observation and report to nursing staff and any changes in the residents physical and mental condition.
    • Follow infection and safety practice during the care of the residents
    • Follow and carry resident's service plan
    • Report any incident, abuse, neglect or exploitation of resident immediately
    • Present professional image to consumers through dress, behavior, speech, punctuality and attendance
    • Respect resident rights
    • Always perform teamwork throughout the facility
    • Document pertinent information in the ongoing communication logbook
    • Read communication book
    • Get assignment sheets
    • Make rounds on assigned floor to let residents know what C.N.A. they have for that shift
    • Begin your normal duties
    • Read nursing notes to see if there is any change in care or any special orders concerning residents
    • Hourly and every two hours checks for designated residents
    • Hourly walks up and down halls to listen for any sounds that might signal someone needing help if their pendant is out of reach
    • Responsible for residents laundry , sorting and folding or hanging clothes
    • Clean up laundry areas-sweeping up lint or Kleenex that might get on the floor when cleaning the filters.
    • Wipe down washers and dryers after use and crack the door on the washers
    • Newspapers are marked by room number and passed out
    • Showers to 3 showers depending upon the day
    • Answering pendants and call cords-Assessing residents needs
    • Contacting the on call LPN or RN when necessary
    • Reporting a serious change in residents condition to the on call nurse immediately
    • Reporting falls, taking vitals, do ROM assessment, call the on call nurse and fill out the incident report stating the facts and conditions of the residents.
    • Responsible for collecting residents information in the event an individual is taken to the hospital via ambulance and notify the on call nurse.
    • During winter months, shovel the snow off the sidewalks in front of the building and putting salt out
    • Other duties as assigned
    Job Type: Full-time

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