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  • Registered Nurse (RN)

    Knollwood Retirement Community
    Job Description
    Serious candidates with supportive living experience in assessments.
    Responsible for maintain the compliance of federal,state and local codes, regulations and ordinances.
    • Perform nursing procedures as outlined by state law.
    • Ensure compliance and understanding of all state regulations and residents rights according to the Illinois Department of healthcare and Family Services.
    • Interact on a professional level with resident's physician, pharmacist and other medical personnel as needed.
    • Assist resident with care activities as needed and required.
    • Supervise nursing staff in the day to day care giving activities of residents(i.e. wellness and illness recognition)
    • Supervise the receiving , documenting of medication management and monitoring when necessary.
    • Comply with the Department of Healthcare and Family Services policies and procedures as outlined in the regulations and the facility manual of policies and procedures.
    • Review the DON screens and develop resident care plans on an assessment of residents needs.
    • Participate in selected family meetings with regards to hospice intake, level change, etc.
    • Conduct initial assessment and service plan within 24 hours of admit date along with a TB check list..
    • Within 14 days of admit date complete a Comprehensive Resident Assessment (RAI)
    • Within 366 complete and sign resident RAI.
    • Responsible for updating he Quarterly Service Plan.
    • Responsible for reviewing and updating information in conjunction with quarterly evaluations.
    • Responsible for Staff and residents TB testing.
    • Maintain information regarding the residents and staff TB testing and schedules subsequent testing annually. These new records are placed in the resident chart and the employees files each year. A copy is also kept in a binder in the nursing office.
    • Maintain schedules and records of CPR training classes.
    • Making sure C.N.A.'s & Medication Nurse are up to date with Resident's needs.
    • Address and discuss solutions for any problems that might come up during each shift.
    • Maintain current information on all rules and regulations prescribed by the Illinois Department of Human Services.
    • Respond to residents emergency calls.
    • Meet customer service standards in a friendly, helpful and courteous manner and monitor the same among staff for all external and internal customers.
    • Maintain compliance and understanding of all current residents rights.
    • Excellent interpersonal conflict resolution skills.
    Job Type: Full-time

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