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    City of Collinsville
    Job Description

    The City of Collinsville is currently accepting applications to create a pool of qualified applicants who will be responsible for general operation of the senior citizen shuttle bus and assisting passengers as necessary between requested destinations within the City limits of Collinsville.

    Communication skills and a positive, friendly demeanor are essential, along with compassion for the elderly and disabled.

    Normal work hours are Monday through Friday; shuttle bus operation hours are 9 am to 4:30 pm. A normal shift consists of four hours (morning shift 8:45 am to 12:45 pm; afternoon shift 12:45 pm to 4:30 pm), with three shifts per week maximum.

    Schedules will always vary between morning and afternoon shifts. Consequently, a flexible scheduled is required. Vehicle is always staffed by a driver and an assistant driver/escort.


    As shuttle bus driver, you will safely operate a 12-passenger vehicle within the limits of the City of Collinsville, communicating with main office via 2-way radio and will respond to requests for pickup and delivery of passengers at various locations.

    As shuttle bus assistant you will assist the driver in the safe operation of the 12-passenger vehicle by physically assisting and escorting passengers on and off the vehicle, including handling walkers, operating wheelchair lift, carrying/assisting with packages, groceries, etc.

    Performs other duties as assigned.


    Reports directly to the Shuttle Coordinator; supervisory oversight may be provided by the Director of Community Development when required. Daily duties are performed with minimal guidance and supervision, with problems or concerns brought to the attention of the Shuttle Coordinator. 


    The majority of the work day is spent in/on the shuttle bus vehicle. 

    Driving duties require valid driver's license and the ability to sit and drive vehicle safely on City streets for a full 4-hour shift. Applicants must successfully pass a Department of Transportation physical and drug screening.

    Assistant duties require the ability to ride in a moving vehicle for a full 4-hour shift, along with bending, stooping, and lifting sufficient to care for disabled passengers, assisting on and off the vehicle. The ability to maneuver/assist passengers weighing up to 250 lbs. or more, not including chair weight, is required. May be required to get into and off of shuttle bus 60 to 70 times per shift.


    This position requires a thorough knowledge of the City of Collinsville's streets and the corporate limits of Collinsville, and the ability to legally and safely operate a City vehicle. A high degree of patience and compassion for the elderly and the disabled is necessary, along with skill in communicating effectively with the public, and coworkers. 

    The ability to prioritize, plan and organize daily workload is required in order to fulfill required duties safely and efficiently. Ability to fulfill duties with a minimum of supervision and direction. Ability to make responsible decisions which may affect the health, safety, and welfare of passengers. Ability to function effectively in sometimes stressful situations and remain polite and helpful in any situation. 


    The minimum requirements of this position are as follows: High school diploma or equivalent required. Illinois driver's license, with required classification(s) obtained after employment, as necessary. 

    This is a non-union position.

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