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    January 25, 2018
    C3 has moved!  Don’t miss out on the 2018 event.
    When C3 was created, we knew the event would be evolving over the first few years.  Part of that evolution was making this more about our community and less about giving away school supplies.  Since C3 is a Collinsville Community Collaboration, this event needs to work for all that are involved.  We learned last year that the timing expo was not working for a huge aspect of the community.
    We could not be more excited to announce that C3 is now happening in the spring!  Mark you calendars for March 8.  

    So what is C3 all about if we are not giving away school supplies?  

     Our vision for C3 Expo is still very much about serving our community.  It is now just allowing the businesses and organizations to do it in a manner that fits them.  For instance a plumber demonstrations how to unclog a p-trap, or a mechanic how to check oil levels, or a bank teaches kids the power of saving money, etc.  Use your resources to expand our residents' knowledge of your business so if they need something they call YOU! SHOP LOCAL.   
    We feel the timing of this is also perfect for those considering moving to Collinsville and getting the necessary information about our area schools.  Some of the feedback we have gotten is that outsiders think it is really great that our community has an event like this.  Come be part of this night!

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    Kendra Cunningham