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  • Festival of Trees Selection Criteria!

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    April 11, 2019
    The following criteria will be used to consider organizations applying to be a future recipient of proceeds. The criteria are listed for guideline purposes only; other criteria may be considered in the selection process. The City of Collinsville will also consider joint applications from more than one organization, with details provided as to how each organization will meet the criteria and volunteer requirements.

    The recipient organization bears all upfront expenses and is required to reimburse The City of Collinsville 100% of the total cost associated with the event within 30-days.


    1. SERVE THE COLLINSVILLE COMMUNITY: The entity must primarily serve the City of Collinsville and all of the proceeds must be used within the corporate limits of Collinsville.

    2. PROJECT IDENTIFICATION: Proceeds (profits from the event) granted to the recipient from the Festival of Trees event must be used for a civic or charitable purpose within the City of Collinsville and must serve the community.

    3. ENTITY REQUIRED TO BE AN ESTABLISHED NOT-FOR-PROFIT: The entity must be either a subdivision of a nationally recognized service or charitable organization, or a subdivision of a governmental entity, or a charitable foundation and shall be based in the city of Collinsville.


    1. Past participation in the Festival of Trees, including support of other recipient organizations through volunteers, donations and tree/wreath sponsorships.

    2. Capability with adequate volunteers and financial resources to:

        a. Meet all contractual agreements spelled out by The City of Collinsville
        b. Plan and design the event monthly with the Gateway Event Producer and other staff
        c. Fundraise, acquire sponsorships, and provide event funding
        d. Solicit trees, make wreaths, centerpieces and any additional auction items needed
        e. Conduct judging, auction, raffle, sales and night of schedule
        f. Deliver the trees

    3. Organizations that plan to use the funds for the following:

        a. Beautification of the city
        b. Historical preservation
        c. Tourism
        d. Economic development of the community
        e. Parks and recreation in the community
        f. Civic pride and improvement of the community
        g. Other missions that will enhance the quality of life in the community, i.e. library, YMCA,
                Cahokia Mounds Society, school
        h. Youth and/or special needs in the community    

    REAPPLYING FOR FUTURE CONSIDERATION: Organizations not selected as the beneficiary of the
    Festival of Trees may reapply in following years. The deadline for submitting an application for
    the 2020 Festival of Trees is May 31, 2019. The 2020 Festival of Trees will be held on December
    9, 2020.

    Please submit applications to:
    Gateway Center
    Attn: Executive Director
    One Gateway Drive, Collinsville, IL 62234