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    October 18, 2019
    From September 22, 2019 to October 1, 2019 students and parents from Collinsville’s own
    McArther’s Taekwondo & Fitness traveled to South Korea for martial arts training and cultural
    education. The trip was organized by the United States National Taekwondo Federation
    (USNTF) and its director, Grandmaster Duk Gun Kwon, 9th Dan Kukkiwon. In total, 41 masters,
    instructors and students made up the USNTF group.

    This amazing trip provided training at the Kukkiwon, Korea’s national organization responsible
    for Taekwondo standards and curriculum. The group also participated in training at the
    recently completed Taekwondowon, which is about three hours south of Korea’s capital city of
    Seoul. The Taekwondowon is a huge complex built for training and world-level competitions.
    Taekwondo translates to the “way of kicking and punching” and is one of the world’s most
    popular martial arts. Known for its fantastic kicking techniques, Taekwondo is a full-medal
    sport in the Olympics and has had a large influence in many action movies.
    The group also participated in training outside of Taekwondo, including Hapkido and Koryo
    Gumdo. Hapkido, the “way of coordinated power” involves joint locks, throws and take
    downs. Koryo Gumdo, or the “way of the Korean Sword” focuses on the use of the longsword,
    similar to that of Japan’s Samurai.

    In addition to the advanced martial arts training, the group was able to see many Korean focal
    points, including the Gyeungbok Gung Palace, Korean Folk Village and Namsan Tower. Our
    group was encouraged to interact with the local Korean residents, develop Korean language
    skills and indulge in delicious Korean cuisine.

    For more information on this trip, the martial arts of Taekwondo, Hapkido and Koryo Gumdo,
    please contact McArther’s Taekwondo & Fitness at 618.345.2953 or at