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  • SIHF Healthcare Stresses the Importance of Well-Child Visits

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    November 18, 2019
    (Nov. 18, 2019) – SIHF Healthcare wants to stress the importance of well-child visits. Well-child visits should happen on an annual basis and are imperative to a child’s overall health.
    During a well-child visit, the doctor provides a series of services such as physicals, developmental screenings and immunizations. Healthcare providers urge parents and guardians to make a list of questions and ask them at the beginning of each visit. Writing down questions prior to the visit ensures that nothing important is forgotten and allows the provider time to address these concerns.
    “We understand that parents or guardians are going to have questions.” said Dr. Akemie Gray, chair of the pediatric department, “Well-child visits create an open line of communication that allows for follow-up questions and clarification on the things that they may not fully understand.”
    Well-child visits provide a great opportunity to track growth to see if the child is on a healthy developmental path. They also present a great time to speak with the doctor about social behavior and learning. These visits promote open communication between the doctor, parent and child.
    If you are attending a well-child visit, it is important to bring records of past visits the child has had with other medical professionals. These visits are the perfect time to make sure all medical records are accurate.
    At SIHF Healthcare, our qualified pediatric staff prides themselves on providing the best quality care to your child. We encourage routine well-child visits to promote your child’s quality of life and use this as an opportunity to educate every parent on what to expect when their child reaches a developmental milestone. Contact a health center in your area to set up your child’s well-child visit today at https://www.sihf.org/patient-care-services/pediatrics.

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