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  • TorHoerman Law Announces SIX WINNERS of Teacher Support Grant, Walton Telken, LLC and Glisson Law Contribute to Cause

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    September 12, 2018

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Edwardsville, Ill., Sept. 12, 2018 – TorHoerman Law is excited to announce the winners of the first annual Teacher Support Grant, funded by the TorHoerman Law Employee Foundation, Walton Telken LLC, and Glisson Law. The foundation’s core mission is to provide essentials for community members. The Teacher Support Grant, in particular, further expands on that mission by providing essential classroom supplies to create an exceptional learning environment for students.

    Originally, only one individual would win the full prize amount of $2,000, but the firm felt strongly that there were many deserving applicants in the Metro East area. With the help of Walton Telken LLC and Glisson Law, six educators will be awarded a total of $7,000.  

    “I believe most of us can name teachers who made an incredible impact on our lives,” Tor Hoerman, owner of TorHoerman Law says. “The Teacher Support Grant is one way we can help teachers pay that forward for the next generation of students. Great teachers are always looking for new ways to expand their instruction and engage their students. Innovative teaching is important—but it can be expensive, and that’s where THL came in for a group of teachers.”

    TorHoerman Law Employee Foundation, Walton Telken, and Glisson Law will award the following winners:

    Two $2,000 Grant Winners

    1. Amanda Powers, West Elementary School, Alton, 4-5th grades, Behavioral Disorders

    2. Kimberly Moore, Albert Cassens Elementary School, Edwardsville, 3rd-5th grades, Special Education

    Four $750 Grant Winners

    1. Kelsey Stosberg, Jefferson Elementary School, Belleville, 5th grade

    2. Christine Petroff, Collinsville Middle School, Collinsville, 8th grade

    3. Stacy Matz, Triad Success Center, Troy, 9-12th grades

    4. Jennifer Fowler, LeClair Elementary School, Edwardsville, 2nd grade

    The items requested by the six winners ranged from starter supplies needed to begin a classroom for a first-year teacher, STEM activities for elementary students, to basic toiletries and food items.

    “Like lawyers, teachers want to help people,” Troy Walton of Walton Telken LLC says. “Teachers aspire to educate and evoke positive change in students. Their dedication to contributing to the betterment of our youth is a deserving profession, one that we are more than happy to contribute.”

    The grant was available to all teachers in St. Clair and Madison counties.

    For more information about the TorHoerman Law Teacher Support Grant, please visit torhoermanlaw.com/giving-back/.
    About TorHoerman Law
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    About TorHoerman Law Employee Foundation
    The TorHoerman Law Employee Foundation was established as a non-profit to use our company’s unique resources to benefit the communities we live and work in through various philanthropic efforts. The Foundation provides the opportunity for the daily operations of the law firm to merge with philanthropic efforts in the community.
    Run by a rotating board of TorHoerman Law team members, the TorHoerman Law Employee Foundation is made up of individuals who are committed to supporting our community through outreach, sponsorships, scholarships, and more.
    The foundation is a way to ensure that our firm is as dedicated to helping the community as it is about serving our clients. As lawyers, we have a responsibility to work together to help our neighbors.


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